Welcome! Do you want to recruit more students, schools or agents?

If you do, you’re at the right place. We help you with Education Business Development. Using analytical marketing technology, proven prospecting processes and TONNES of passion for the education field, we are your business development powerhouse, helping you boost your student, schools, and agent recruitment numbers. We use different channels and platforms to help you get these qualified leads.

We know… at the end of the day, you want qualified students, schools, and agents working with you. And how do you do that?

You tried to put more money in ads, set up exhibition booths, etc. And you receive a lot of contacts who are interested in your programs. How wonderful!

Then you dig deeper… Most of them don’t suit you. They don’t fit your desired student/agent/school profile.

These parties chase down everyone in your business development team, hoping to get a response. The pressure is on.

You decided that your team should be taking calls from interested parties 24/7, so you can get more students, schools, and agents.

But turns out, only a few are qualified enough to work with you.

With YGS Marketing, you can accelerate your student, schools and agent numbers using our lead generation and business development services.


Check out our Case Studies or contact us at info@ygscholars.com for more info!

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