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Email Marketing Funnel Specialist

Freelance Inbound and Outbound Content Marketing Consultant for Companies and Agencies

‚Äč…So What’s my Story?

Hi! I’m Vivien, and I’m a Freelance Content Marketing Strategist and Email Marketing Specialist (Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Aweber, ConvertKit, etc), who specializes in both Inbound and Outbound Content Marketing for companies and agencies. I’m currently working as the Assistant Director of Admissions at one of Canada’s largest private career colleges, CDI College. We are introducing high-demand courses for adult learners through creative content strategy services and email marketing services with different platforms. Contact me to learn more!

Another project I’m doing is completing the Acadium Accelerator Program, which I gained hands-on experience in creating both inbound and outbound strategic content marketing plan for companies and agencies, creative content writing, digital marketing campaigns, building conversion-focused marketing funnels, and managing paid media campaigns.

Previously, I’ve been involved in planning the inbound and outbound content marketing strategy and email marketing for multiple education and B2B companies using different email platforms like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Aweber, ConvertKit, etc. I’ve strategically developed inbound and outbound content marketing strategy plans, launched innovative email marketing funnels, created chatbots and wrote story-telling content to lead prospects through the customer journey. On top of that, I have also created marketing collaterals including the blogs, design of infographics and website.

In addition, I’ve had experience working on both inbound and outbound content marketing for everything from a dating & relationship company, to a photography-related platform that I helped to join the Startups 500 program. These experiences have given me knowledge in various aspects of creating a content marketing strategy for agencies and companies, including social media, client communications, email marketing management and relationship-building and creating sales funnels.

Education Marketing Portfolio


Developed both inbound and outbound email marketing funnel to lead prospects through the customer journey; resulted in 36% email open rates and 31% email replies; Skilled in Mailchimp, Convert Kit, ActiveCampaign.


Launched content marketing strategy through keyword research, and content research strategies to build brand reputation and authority; Boosted Linkedin followers by 900% in 1 year.


Created and designed marketing collateral through interviewing my cos and co-founders, surveying our prospects and customers and researching best practices for sales processes; Saved the company over $130,000 USD a year through an efficient system, as well as cost needed for travelling and meeting in-person; exceeded sales target by 100%.

General Industry Portfolio


Developed chatbot through interviewing prospects, and research on Amazon reviews and Facebook groups to increase active subscribers in 1 month by 200%


Selected as current Contributing Writer at Thrive Global Magazine; Wrote blog post to boost top of funnel conversions using keyword research by Google Keyword Planner, LSI keywords, and optimized blog title to increase click-throughs using copywriting skills and content marketing strategy; Boosted Google search rankings to Position 0 within 2 months, and maintained the ranking for 2 years in a row


Created survey for customer research and developed personas using and Google Forms to increase email subscribers by 82.5% in 1 month


Christine Magdurulan

Marketing Specialist at Edunation

“Vivien is very hardworking, efficient and has a very positive attitude towards work. Very articulate, insightful and capable to handle and manage projects given to her. Dedicated and inspiring team player!”

Lawrence Lam

Student at the University of Hong Kong

“It is rare that you can work with a proactive content strategist and email marketing specialist like Vivien, who empowers her clients and colleagues with profound insights that hit the nail on the head… I was considerably impressed by how she, under her generous and inspirational guidance about various content marketing strategies and email marketing techniques, motivated me and other interns to pursue a future career in the content marketing strategy field. What’s more, her efficient way of operational management and content marketing strategy has received critical acclaim from different partnering colleges or corporates … If anyone of you is seeking professional content strategy services aspects, Viven is, without a doubt, the one that comes with my heartfelt recommendation.”

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If you need help with your B2C, B2B or Agency content or email marketing strategy, feel free to contact me by email or the social media accounts below.