Why Good Teachers Are Bad School Owners



A lot of times, school principals and school owners were teachers themselves.

On the education side, this is awesome because they know how to provide good education for the students.

However, this is often not so good for the finances.

These teachers turned school owners or principals often believe that if the education quality is good, more students will come.

They do not believe that marketing is important, because marketing is ‘salesy’.

However, marketing is actually just communicating to many people that key benefits and features of the school.

That’s why a lot of schools don’t get enough students, and keep on losing money.

If you’re a teacher turned school owner, it’s sooo important to keep learning how to make more money for the school…

So you school can become sustainable, you can improve the education quality of the school by hiring better teachers, and provide better facilities for the students.

Trying to make more money for your school is not evil and there’s nothing to be guilty about!

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