Why Giving Info About Your School Won’t Work for Your Marketing


Do you receive messages from people you’ve never met before, asking you to buy something?

Or purchase their services like website development, social media marketing, grow your instagram…?

I do!

And I was like those people before…

Blasting out information about our school.

Giving brochures and flyers to everyone I come across.

The last time I did that, I was sending messages to parents on Facebook…

Copy and pasting the message to every one of them…

And you know what happened?

Facebook blocked me because people reported that I’m SPAM!

Since then, I realised it’s not the right way to do it…

Marketing is about building the like and trust factor…

If a stranger comes up to you at the party, and start talking to you about their products and services…

Would you immediately buy from them?

Most likely not!

Then why are we as educators, expect parents and students to enroll in our programs immediately or down the road?

We need to focus more on building relationships rather than promoting our schools!

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