Marketing Materials for Education Agents – How to Write them Up Fast


What should you write in your marketing materials to education agents?

In this video, I’ll show you a little hack to help you gain clarity and write faster.

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So, do you see this book there?

I’ve actually covered the name of the company, because this is a marketing brochure by one of the top companies in Hong Kong.

So, some of you may actually recognize this. So, the story about this book was that I was talking to one of my agents, and I wanted to provide better marketing materials to them.

So they actually gave me a face mask.

And I covered myself, and then they told me the address of one of the big agencies in Hong Kong, and then I went into that office, and I pretended that I had a relative who wants to study overseas, so they offered me that book.

They asked me to write down my personal information and then gave me this book.

So I wanted this book because I’ve worked for different schools and universities before, and I had to provide marketing materials and training materials to agents. And I also know that these agents actually want marketing materials from us, because they will actually use those marketing materials and give that to their students, right.

So I need to know how to market my schools and universities well so my partner agents can actually produce better marketing materials for their students, and more students get to enroll to our schools and universities.

From this one, I hope you can’t see the company name, but if you do, oops.

And this brochure is actually in Chinese, because it’s from Hong Kong.

The secret is that I’m actually from Hong Kong, but my English is better than the Chinese.

We can see that I need a lot of help in writing Chinese marketing materials. And I just go through each of these schools and see how do they market these schools.

It’s just like a small section here, but I can decide what kind of words they use in their marketing materials, then I start to see a pattern and then I kind of write my school’s marketing materials that way as well.

Then I can see what kind of information they provide, how do they actually market those schools, then I know that the students from that country are actually looking for these kind of information.

I believe that these bigger agents have got a lot of experience and done a lot of research on the market. That’s why they write it this way. So I just looked through that book and then I use that to gain a general idea of how I should entice those agents.

So that’s one of my best-kept secrets, to write up those market materials fast for agents from different countries. That’s actually one of the things that I teach in my program.

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So I hope you like this tip, and I’ll see you in the next video.


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