How to Mess Up Your Meeting with Education Agents


If you want to mess up with meeting education agents, do this….

This video teaches you how to do that.

A lot of people meet with education agents whether by Skype or calling them or actually going to agent networking events.

Or you even go to the agent’s office to meet with them. They want these agents to become their partner agents.

So what happens often is that the schools give a pitch on what their school’s program or university is about and they say okay here are the market brochures and asks the agent tell me about your company, right?

This is not the way how you should do it.

And this is the most common thing that people do.

You shouldn’t just give out those marketing brochures and give them the pitch.

You need to warm them up and try to build up a relationship with these agents first.

If they don’t have a relationship with you, they don’t want to work with you because working relations is a relationship and people want to work with people they like.

If you’re just giving out those marketing brochures, you’re just like a robot.

Who wants to work with a robot?

People want to work with others who are confident.

Who are friendly.

Who are professional.

So if you’re recruiting education agents for a school or university that’s what you should do. So that agents would perceive that you’re a very confident and friendly professional that they want to work with, right?

So how can you improve on those is actually to record the sessions so it’s easier when you’re doing a phone call or a Skype. You can just download an app or download a software on your computer and then record your voice and the agent’s voice and then you can realize that are you confident enough?

Are you professional enough?

And then think about what are the things you can tweak in that conversation so that the next time you talk to these agents you can actually improve on your conversation and make them want to work with you more.

And when you’re doing like in person meeting maybe that’s a little more difficult but you can also try to ask if you could record the conversation so that you can actually take that back and jot the notes down.

This prevents you from actually screwing up all of those meetings with those agents.


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