Why do you feel so busy and still don’t have enough Education agents and International Students

A lot of schools and universities who try to get more education agents say they are very busy. They are either busy sending emails and getting little replies or going to a lot of agent networking events. I used to be like that too. Watch how I deal with it in the video.

A lot of clients actually booked a strategy call with me and asked me why they still feel so busy.

They feel like there’s not enough time. They’ve given up exercise.
They’ve given up healthy eating.
They’ve given up their personal life.
They feel like they have no life when they try recruiting agents to get the international students, right?

They’re very, very hardworking people, and they still don’t get enough international students. So in my previous videos, I’ve talked about this double funnel system. People focus a lot on getting agents down the funnel so that they get more quality agents.

People believe that more agents just automatically means more international students. And they focus so much on strangers who are not their agents yet and try to build relationships with these people.

Yet, they forget that some people who are so close to sending us international students, we’re not building enough relationship with them. There are so many schools that they are promoting, and they forget about us.

A lot of us are actually focusing more than half of our work days on this funnel. And we forget that we need to build relationships there.

So why do you feel so busy?

The reason is because you feel that you need to satisfy all these people here. What I actually tell these clients is that every work day, in the morning, you should actually focus on responding to these partner agents.

And that actually helps you save time and get more results.


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