1 Quick Tip to Help You Save Time in Getting International Students



In international student recruitment, universities and schools get many questions from agents.

I also used to spend most of my time responding to messages by agents, and it’s really time-consuming.

So, I did this 1 thing to help me save time in replying, and help agents get answers quicker to send more international students to us.

So in one of my previous videos, I’ve talked about the use of the double funnel system in getting international students.

So just let me briefly explain this is that people focus a lot on getting new agents into the funnel, and then they screen them, prescreen them,and then finally they have some quality agents becoming their partner agents.

Then a lot of universities and schools actually focus on this first part of the funnel, and they realize that they get like lots of agents and they don’t have enough international students, and they wonder why.

The reason is because they’re not focusing enough on this part, they’re neglecting this part of the funnel, but they forget that there’s need to build relationship with these agents so that they will send international students to the school or university.

The main reason for that is because they don’t even have time to focus on building relationships, right?

They focus a lot on this part, getting the new agents. So how can you save time on this part so that you can have more one-to-one relationship with the agents at this part so they send you international students?

So you can’t neglect either part of the funnel. So if you want more international students, you definitely need more education agents coming down and you also need to build enough good relationship with the partner agents.

So the only way to do that is actually to save time with these two funnels.

So one quick tip to do that is actually build an FAQ page. A lot of times clients schedule a strategy call with me and then they tell me that they are so busy everyday, they spend most of their time writing emails and then answering agents’ questions, right, whether it’s partner agent questions or it’s the prospective agents’ questions.

So what you need to do is actually build an FAQ page.

So I’m gonna just write that here. So you know that like when you go to some company websites and they often have an FAQ page and then you ask the customer support a certain question, and then they direct you to the FAQ page so that they don’t need to spend much time in answering your questions.

So you should actually do the same thing for your university or for your school.

So while you’re talking to these agents, prospective agents, or partner agents, you just need to listen very carefully, spend a lot of time listening to them,and see what kind of questions they ask you, and then you put that down on a piece of paper or put that down in a Word document, and then you put that as a question and then put an answer under that, like a good answer.

Afterwards you will have a huge like FAQ page.

So for my FAQ page, for some of the universities I work with, it could be 10 pages or 20 pages, but then it wouldn’t be more than that.

So you realize that most of the questions are actually recurring questions.

They keep coming up over and over again. So number one to do with the FAQ page is you can send the whole thing to the agents so that they can educate themselves on different aspects of your programs.

And number two is that whenever an agent sends you a question, you can actually go back to your FAQ page and copy and paste the question and answer to that agent.

That saves you so much time so that you don’t have to manually type out all those question and answers. So some homework for you today is actually to go back and take out a sheet of paper, and from your memory, write down what kind of questions you get asked by these prospective and partner agents, and then answer them or look through your emails and see how you answered them before.

How you can polish up those answers so that they sound more attractive to those agents. And then when you get some new agents coming in, do the same thing, keep jotting down questions, adding the answers, and things like that.

And also in that document you wanna section them because if it’s a 10-page, 20-page document, you want it to be easy to find for those agents if they have a question.

For example if it’s a visa question, then you have like a headline saying visa, and then under that you have different question and answers for visas.

So that’s my quick tip for today in helping you save time in getting education agents and also help you get more international students. So by the way, if you like this tip, you might also wanna schedule a strategy call with me.


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