US universities – What to do if your International Student Numbers are Dropping

Was talking to a prospective university today.

She said that they had a lot of international students before, but this year, there was a huge drop in enrollment nos.

In this video, I’ll share what I told her, what NAFSA says and what you should do.

Recently, the US government has implemented several regulations in order to control the number of student visas given out and given that there’s different trade wars with different countries, a lot of clients actually tell me that their International students’ numbers are going down because of all these regulations.

In one of the NAFSA Workshops, the speaker actually mentioned that schools and universities should start sending messages and emails and also send letters to their Senators so that they will relax on those regulations and also allow more students to get visas from different countries to study at the US institutions.

So, of course, it’s a great way to actually try to change the policies and actually get more International students in the long run.

However it’s not a short-term thing and you need a lot of people to work on that to send letters before they start paying attention.

However, your University is running right now.

And if you don’t get enough International students for this year and next year, and if the government regulations don’t change, then you don’t have enough to do the numbers and your income is definitely affected.

The school might even closed down for that reason.

So, the best way is actually of course to send letters and everything but on the other hand, you should also try to save yourself.

I’m a big believer of trying to save yourself instead of just trying torely on other people.

So how can you save yourself on this?

So the reason why US universities are experiencing these problems right now, the decrease in student numbers, is because they focus on certain countries and in previous years, they believe that some countries have a lot of students who can meet the entry requirements and actually have the money to pay for their tuition fees.

So we focus on those countries, however, after the regulations, it’s been harder to get the students from these countries to get the student visa to study in the US.

So what do you need to do right now is actually diversify and get students from different countries. It diversifies our risk, and then you can get many students from different countries.

What you have to do right now is, first we need to write down and research which country doesn’t give these VISA issues. So the first thing is for you to find out which countries does the US offer most student visa to right now at this moment. Okay, and you need to avoid which countries they’re not issuing as much student visas

And the next thing is actually to try to contact fifty agents from these countries that have most student visas coming in and then find agents from those countries. Sign more agents from these different countries, the more countries the better because youwant to diversify your risks. And afterwards after you find out which country works best for you, then you start focusing all your time and effort and money on developing relationship with these agents and getting you students.

So I used to recruit International students using agents for some universities. That time I was actually facing some Visa issues as well. So the government was not able to provide visas for students from certain countries.

So what I have to do was actually diversify my risk, I found out fifty agents and contacted them through an automated way because that saves me time and actually save my school’s time because we’re racing against time and you want to get more international students and so we don’t have to close down and stop the program.

So test out these different countries, and then I was able to find agents interested in us, in promoting us. I found out which country has most agents responding or interested in us, and then I started focusing all my effort and time and money into developing relationship with these agents from these particular countries.

In the end, I was able to get 25 quality agents in two months from different countries and then I didn’t have to worry about like the the government’s trying to not give us as many student visas anymore because I was focusing on the countries that actually gave up a lot of student visas.

So that’s a tip for today and you can actually think about that if you’re promoting a US school or university right now, and I’ll see you next time.


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