Why You Should Stop Focusing on Getting More Agents

Universities and Schools often focus on getting agents.

But more agents doesn’t mean more international students…

When I first talked to my clients, they actually complained to me saying that they don’t have enough agents.

That’s why they don’t have enough international students.

However, I’ve also met kinds that have so many agents.

They have 100 to 200 agents and they still don’t have enough international students. Right?

Right now if you’re not getting enough agents and you’re not getting enough international students, you might be thinking the way to solve your issue is to just get enough agents.

But I’m telling you that, that’s not the way because those other schools and universities actually get a lot of agents and they’re not getting enough international students.

The reason for that is because if you’re recruiting international students right now, it’s actually a two-step process.

The first step is actually getting more agents in. A lot of people are focusing on getting more agents to contact them and getting exposure from the agent.

The real reason for not getting enough international students is that if you neglect this part, if you neglect the part of nurturing your agents and building relationship with your existing agents and your partner agents.

Then you’re not going to get many international students from them.

Even if you have a lot of agents right now, but the thing is a lot of people are focusing on this process.

So the key today is actually that, you need to focus on building relationship with your existing agents.

And building relationship with agents who haven’t even signed agreements with you yet.

Because once they have the relationship with you even if you have so many competitors at their agency, even if they are promoting multiple schools, they wouldn’t just have like a brochure or like some marketing materials giving a booklet to the students and tell them

“Hey, just look at this marketing marketing material”

“Hey, just look at this flyer”

“Look at our brochure”, and tell the student to just pick one that they want.

What they’re going to do after you have a relationship with them,

They will tell the student that,

“Maybe you should pick this school”

“This school or university is what we recommend you to study”

Then of course if the student has a very good relationship with the agent, which is usually the case, right?

The student will actually apply to your school or university instead, because the agent actually hands it out in a silver platter and asks the student to actually apply to your school or university. Of course given that your marketing material should be very good as well so that the agent has something to sell, but one of the components is actually building good enough
relationship with them because they’re training as friends, because they actually want you to do well.

Because, they actually want to continue working with you.

So every education consultant at these agencies are actually focused on having like an enjoyable time and then they have a decent amount of money, right?

Why would they want to earn more money for themselves?

They also want their work to be stress-free and easy for them.

So that’s why you need to focus on building relationships.

So in the beginning when I started recruiting international students using agents for some universities, I actually focused on the first step a lot as well.

To actually email a lot of these agents and message a lot of these agents through that system and find agents using an automated way. I was actually getting twenty-five quality agents in just two months.

However, I realized that we only got a couple of students.

But, however, I was focusing on this process so much that I realize that there’s only a few international students sent from our agents. And then I realized this two-step process is very important.

So when I started focusing more on this step, right getting more international students and build a relationship with my agents, and getting more international students, then things start to happen for me.

I was able to double the number of international students in just 12 months, and compared to my colleagues who are using the old way and focusing too much on this system because they’re manually sending emails everyday.

That’s probably what a lot of schools and universities are doing right now, they were able to get half the results as I did.

You should start thinking about how to get more international students from the agents. Of course getting more agents is one of the steps in getting more international students, but that’s just the first step.

The second step is actually getting the existing agents and partner agents to send you international students.

So I hope you like this tip,

I’ll see you in the next video.


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