How to Follow-Up with Education Agents

FACT: Most schools and universities don’t do this when they try to find new education agents.

FACT: Most schools and universities don’t do this when they try to find new education agents.

So, research shows that you actually need to follow up seven times for each contact, so that they will start responding to you and start recognizing you this means that when you’re contacting agents, you should follow up with them at least 7 times each.

Imagine if you have 50 agents, you want to reach out to 50 agents, just reaching out right? These are not partner agents. These are not agents that are working with you yet. Just contact with the agents.

You need to follow up with them at least 7 times each so that comes down to 50 times 7 times, that’s 350 times in total to contact these agents and keep in mind that not all these fifty agents would actually become your partner agents.

So when I first started recruiting international students using agents for our schools and universities, I didn’t know that I didn’t know I have to follow up so many times, so I was following up only two to three times per agent.

So every day when I start working, I started looking at Excel spreadsheets, look at my calendar, look at our system and see which agent I should actually follow up with and then I send a message to them like at certain times.

I schedule a time which I should send another message to them.

Even if they haven’t responded yet, and then I emailed them or call them or something like that.

So I used to do that and then I realized I didn’t get enough responses.

After I know about this research about following up with these agents seven times. I was able to get much more responses from these agents because they keep seeing our name so they felt like, why am I so persistent because I am one of the few people who actually kept messaging them and actually try to get them to become our partner agent, and that shows that I’m very sincere as well to invite them to become our agent.

So I show up good image to them and they will actually want to work with me. So I started getting a lot of these agents in, and I was sending these emails manually.

I was working 16 to 18 hours a day and then I realized I was getting so exhausted. So I started creating email templates so that I can copy and paste these emails.

However every day I was spending so much time sending these emails, sending these templates out that I don’t really have enough time left to actually try to build relationship with our agents one to one and actually talk to them. And keep in mind that a lot of the agents that I talk to don’t even respond or are not interested, right?

So I was wasting actually a lot of time trying to message these agents. And when I’m posting these templates, I also knew that I can’t just write an email and then CC it to everyone or BCC the email to every agent because, if I BCC at people could see that I actually sent them an email to multiple senders, right? So I don’t want to do that.

I need to personalize each email, so that I need to send each email one by one. So that they know I am actually sending that email only to them.

So that’s why I automated my message sending system through emails. So, through this automated personalized system, I was sending personalized email
messages to different agents. I was saving so much time!

The time that I use to send 100 emails or 500 emails is actually just same as sending one email.

So that’s why I started using that automated system because a lot of those emails are actually the same thing and then there’s only a couple of lines that I should personalize them.

So I started using that automated system to get new agents. So, the take away for you today is actually follow up with each of your agents seven times.

And even better, if you know an automated way to do that, then it could save so much of your time and you’ll be able to use that time to spend on more meaningful work, for example, having more personal relations with the agents who are working with you already, because they are the ones who will send you international students, instead of focusing your time on agents who might not respond or would not be interested in you.


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