What to Do if Your Boss Won’t Invest in You


Have you ever asked your boss to buy a something that would make your work better and easier?

Early in my career, there are certain softwares/training courses I wanted to take. But I expected my boss to pay for it, because it would help me get the company get better results.

However, most often, they won’t pay for it as they don’t see why we need it.

So, I didn’t buy those software/training course, because I needed to spend on the training myself. Why would I pay for something myself when it benefits the company?

Later on in my career, I started to realise that it’s difficult for bosses to understand my day-to-day work.

So every time I spoke to my bosses, I would try my best to persuade them, and a lot of times, they still wouldn’t invest.

I was getting tired of these rejections, especially if I knew that the training program/product/service would make me save time and get more results.

So, I started paying for these tools myself. Then I became better at what I do.

Then, I was able to get higher salary and land better positions…

I started to invest more on myself. Because I know this will benefit me, not just the company!

Do you invest in yourself?


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