How to Multiply Your Education Agents in Less Time

This is the most CRUEL fact for schools and universities getting education agents for international students:

More than 80% of these institutions don’t have more than 200 partner agents after 3 years of running.

If you’ve spoken to other schools and universities who want more education agents, most of them still don’t have the number of agents they desire.


They have too many competitors.

Remember: Many competitors=harder to get the attention of good education agents

That’s why, when agents hear about you, they either:
1. Don’t reply or
2. Say they’re not interested

But when you know how to draw out the value of your program in a way Agents want, you don’t have to worry about getting many competitors.

Many people ask me, ‘Why does Vivien not go to any Agent networking events and contact agents all day long?’

When you can show your value to the agents the right way, you can stand out from your competitors.
When I was recruiting education agents for multiple schools and universities, I was able to sign agreements with 25 quality agents in 2 months. (And I was able to do that after just 1 year having recruited education agents)

And the reason is that I stuck to this idea:

Knowing what agents actually want, and show our programs can meet their wants.

Don’t just give out marketing materials to all agents you come across.

After you show them to give them what they want, sign agreements and actively support them in their marketing efforts, what happens?

More good agents will come to find you to represent your universities or school.

Not knowing what agents want > spend most time contacting agents > not enough education agents/no reply/ not interested

And what’s most important in getting more agents?

Time is most important.

If using the same time you have right now, you contact the agents in the right way so they want to promote your programs, why aren’t you using the right messaging to the agents?

So you can save lots of energy, and save on your most important resource- time.

If you want to stop getting little interest from agents, and show you’re a quality institution with the right message, so good agents keep wanting to sign agreements with you, just send me a message to learn more about the Live Training. (9th July 9am Eastern Time)

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