I damaged my own eyes…

I damaged my own eyes…

When I was 10, my sister started wearing eyeglasses.

And I thought it looked nice on her.

I asked my parents if I could have a pair too.

They said no as my eyes were fine.

Being young (and stupid), I was determined to wear eyeglasses…

And I was going to make my parents pay for them.

I was on a mission to damage my eyes.

I started to read in the dark, with the book 3 cm away from my eyes…

And one day, I realise I can barely read the words on the blackboard.

I was overjoyed.

I went home and proudly announced this ‘good news’.

So, my parents finally took me to the spectacles shop to check my eyes and pick a frame.

After a year, I got tired of wearing glasses. But my eyesight was already damaged.

It was too late…

When I put on my glasses every morning, it reminds me how we should market a program.

We often try to copy what our competitors do…

We think what they do will make us successful too.

Many times, what makes a program successful consists of many factors.

What fits them may not be right for you.

What you need is to find your uniqueness. A uniqueness that your prospective agents and students will be attracted to.

You don’t have to be someone else.

You can stand out by just being you.

What makes your programs unique?

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