How to save 2 hours a day getting Education agents

Just spoke to a lady from the US today about her international student recruitment situation. She owns a school.

She told me, ‘I’m thinking about leaving the field.

I have to travel so much to different agent events and conferences. Other times I’m busy emailing and calling agents.

Now that I’m expecting my second child, I’m not sure if I can afford this ‘lifestyle’ anymore.

My partner works a 9-5 job. And when I’m out of town, we need to put our little ones into daycare because we have no family in the area.

The daycare costs are going to be over $1,300 a month. And we simply cannot afford this with his salary and my school’s revenue (we’re losing money every month).

I’m sacrificing my family and children, and busy doing business trips all the time – but I still don’t get many agents or international students.

I’m looking to sell my school and go back to teaching simply because I can get more income and a better schedule, and continue to support ourselves.’

I told her that she doesn’t have to choose between selling the school and sacrificing her family’s living standards.

All she needs is a comfortable income and more time.

I gave her some tips to achieve those goals.

You can see more in the video below.

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