What to Do After the Agents Rejected You

I was able to speak to a gentleman today. He owns a school in Malaysia.

He said, ‘I’ve contacted agents by call or email. And I mainly get 3 types of responses:
(1) no response
(2) know they’re not interested
(3) they need to think about it?

I’m not earning any money. Currently, I am using profits from my other business to support this education program.’

I’ve been through that before.

I love the education field too and want to help mold the futures of young people.

And getting agents was really difficult for me in the beginning.

I was a trained teacher, not a sales person: I didn’t know how to sell.

I had so much enthusiasm only to get rejection after rejection or even no response.

I spent more than 10,000 USD on courses and seminars before I created my processes, and accumulating knowledge of 8 years… And things started to work out.

If you currently have little international students or agents, you should start focusing on your skills like copywriting, marketing, social media marketing, fb ad marketing, sales, negotiation skills, persuasion skills, country-specific relationship-building skills, etc.

Keep on practicing them till 80% perfection. Then you will start getting results.

It’s not easy. But you can do it.

Learn more in this video.

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