“She will deal with my lifestyle, even if she hates it.”

‘She will deal with my lifestyle, even if she hates it.’

When I was an accountant, I used to work with a team at client’s office.

The team worked till 2am everyday.

One day, we asked our team leader,

‘Everyday, you have to work till 2am…

Don’t you have to spend some time with your girlfriend?’

His answer?

‘Well, I’m an accountant.

She’s the one who chose to be with me.

So she should deal with my late nights and irregular times, and that I can’t spend much time with her.’

I felt, ‘Why does he think his girlfriend needs to deal with his lifestyle, especially when he doesn’t like this lifestyle himself?’

It was at that moment, I decided…

1. I object to having this lifestyle, causing my family to suffer
2. I will not have a spouse who thinks that way

Have you met people like my team leader before?

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