95% of you will ignore this in 2019 – Why your emails don’t work

Was talking to a lady from Canada today. She’s the Director of International Office at a college.

She told me, ‘I keep sending emails to agents, but there’s not many results.

For the ones that promised to send us students, they started to not respond at some point.

I thought they were really enthusiatic about our school!’

I went through this before.

It’s such a let down. At some point, I started to think our programs have some problems and we have too much competition.

How wrong was I.

When I started to combine my 8 years of knowledge and spent over 10,000USD on seminars and courses…

I also went through a lot of trial and error…

That’s when things started to change…

To get results in recruiting your agents, of course, you’ll have to spend time building those processes and learning different skills…

But it will pay off in the long run.

When I created a system to help me recruit agents, I started to double the no. of international students enrolled in 12 months using agents.

So, I would encourage you to spend more time on getting the knowledge to do it properly, rather than doing what everything else is doing.

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