1 Quick Tip to Attract More Education Agents

Are you planning to get more international students through working with more education agents/consultants? If so, read on…

FACT: Most schools and universities don’t do this when they try to find new education agents.

So, research shows that you actually need to follow up seven times for each contact, so that they will start responding to you and start recognizing you.

This means that when you’re contacting agents, you should follow up with them at least 7 times each.

Imagine if you have 50 agents, you want to reach out to 50 agents…

This means that you need to follow up with each of them at least 7 times , so that comes down to 350 times in total for 50 agents (50 agents * 7 times each)…

When I first started finding education agents for my previous schools, I only followed up 2-3 times for every agent. But… only less than 6% of them became my partner agent. (the industry average is around 4% – 8%)

Then, when I started following up 7 times with every agents, the number increased to 10-15% consistently because they are starting to recognize my name.

I was working 16 to 18 hours a day sending new messages and follow up with them. I tested different messages to follow up, and through lots of testing, I realized some messages get more responses.

So I started creating templates of these good messages. Since most of the agents ask similar questions and give similar responses, all I had to do was copy and pasting the templates in the emails.

I finally became more efficient in the process, and was able to reach out to more agents and spend more time on building relationship with the partner agents. With this process, I was able to get twice the international students as my peers from agents.

Since then, my team and I have replicated this process to multiple schools around the world. This helps international student recruitment teams spend less time in recruiting new agents, and get more time in building better relationship with their partner agents so they would send more international students to them.

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