How Zig Ziglar helped me to double my International Students in 12 months using Education Agents

What stopped me from getting international students is my BEGGAR mindset.

I thought I had to be Salesy to be a good agent or international student recruiter.

When I first started recruiting agents, most people say they’re:
(1) not interested
(2) need to think about it
or they simply give no response?

I kept thinking that we are lucky to get agents to sign agreements with us.

So, I had low confidence when speaking to agents.

I think that agents are doing us a favour by promoting our programs.

And I didn’t get a lot of successful agent agreements signed.

However, after reading Zig Ziglar’s book, I realised that I am helping the agents by letting them promote our schools.

Since then, my whole mentality changed. My voice, tone, and information changed.

That helped me succeed in agent recruitment, and getting three times the results as a regular education agent recruiter.

Watch this video to learn more about how to do it.

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