The Next 5 Minutes which will change the next 30 years of your life

“I saw the doctor because I don’t have enough international students.”

My friend started a school last year.

It’s her lifelong dream, as she loves helping young people

She worked really hard to get international students and agents…

She even went online to get a list of education agents like other people do.

After working 80 hour weeks, she’s only got a few students.

She was losing money every month.

So she took out 3 bank loans to cover the operation costs.

Because of this, she worked even harder.

One day, she realised she was starting to hallucinate…

She went to the doctor.

He said not enough sleep and the stress caused permanent damage to her mental health.

He told her to stop working for 6 months…

From her experience, I realised that we can still get stressed even if we love our work…

Stress comes from not having enough students and agents…
…making losses every month…
…may need to forfeit your lifelong dreams

It’s important to build a system to help you reduce stress, so you can build a sustainable education institution.

You need to know the right way to do it, otherwise it’ll take you further away from your goals.

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