Most Common Marketing Strategies for Education Businesses

How’s your marketing for your education business nowadays?

Education business owners learn about sales funnels, lead generation, online ads… But why can’t they get the number of students they want?

Here are some of the most common marketing strategies for education businesses.

Actually, most of the owners that we have talked to have implemented at least one of these strategies:

*created a lead magnet

*hosted a live/evergreen webinar

*created a quiz

*video ads

*posted in Facebook groups/Instagram/LinkedIn

*used hashtags

*email sequences

*content marketing

*used pattern interrupt

*audience targeting through ads

Sounds familiar?

Don’t get us wrong, these methods do help to increase the student leads/inquiries or increase enrollments…

But if you expect more students flooding in a short period of time, those methods won’t be enough. 

It’s not that you don’t know what you’re doing…

It’s more like you would need guidance in executing the steps in order to affect the direction that your results are going. 

Someone who has been there and has a ready system for you to plug and play with?

Instead of throwing dice and letting it decide if you will have students or not, why not be intentional about it and get someone who can help you reach your goals?

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