How to Run a Business Working 2 Hours a Day

I was talking to a lady the other day, and she has two kids. One of them was actually 12 years old.

When I told her that I am actually working from home and that I too have a child who is 7 months old…

She was actually quite shocked because she realized that after she became a mom, she had no time to do other things.

She wanted to focus more on her kids, but at the same time, she needs to do the cooking, including the cleaning and helping her kids with the homework.

Then, she told me that really doesn’t have enough time to start her own business, which is what she always wanted.

So when I told her that I had a daughter, she was actually quite surprised that I could actually handle all these different things like:

  • coaching our clients 1-to-1
  • doing the weekly group coaching calls
  • create templates and videos and instructions to help our clients to achieve their goals to get more students…

And more, in addition to being a mother to an infant.

She wondered how I did it.

Here are the THREE THINGS that I told her.

# 1 – Have a Team

We have a team who helps us to do these different things. Whenever I’m busy with my baby, my team is actually helping me to work on other parts of the business.

# 2 – Automate

We automate a lot of our processes. As a business owner, I think it’s very important to use technology to automate a lot of things so that we can save our time for growing the business.

# 3 – Have a Channel

We have a channel to get new clients to come in with us and it’s through Facebook ads. We make the systems work for us. Basically, we use our money to save ourselves time.

By doing these different parts of the business, we can actually focus on the things that really matter.

So I’m not saying that if you run a business, you can just do whatever you want.

I’m not saying that you don’t need to spend any time and you can just sit there and hope that more revenues will come in for your business.

I’m hands-on with these automations and delegations.

It actually reduces a lot of time that’s needed and allows us to have that space to decide and think about how we can grow the business and how we can achieve our goals.

So that’s my advice for you is that if you don’t have enough time right now, the best thing for you to do is to actually find a way to automate most of these things.

If not, then you can actually delegate the work to others. 

You need a system to do these things.

Remember that you cannot do everything on your own because there are actually a lot of moving parts in the business in addition to real-life responsibilities.

For example, for an education business, you need to work on the curriculum too.

You need to manage the teachers…

You need to find a way to do marketing, advertising…

You need to reach out and talk to the students to enroll…

There are many different things and If you try to handle all these things by yourself, your business would not be able to grow as fast as it could.

You’ll need a system to really grow.

You’ll need people’s help.

You need the help of other technology.

So that’s the lesson that I’ve learned that might be helpful for you.

If you don’t want to spend all your time and still not able to get the results that you want, then you can start working on your systems.

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