Why it is Not Enough to Focus on Ads in Education Marketing

Some education business owners think that online advertisements are the solution to their problem for their education business marketing.

Well, not really.

You can focus on the advertisements, but imagine if you just market a bad program right? 

No matter how good the marketing is, if the program is not packaged the right way, then it’s just not going to work out.

You’ll need more than a solid marketing strategy… You’ll need three.

The business strategy, marketing strategy, and sales strategy definitely have to work together. 

For example, a lot of people think that they just need more leads to come in… Like they just need to do the ads…

And then ask us: “Okay. Can I just learn about Facebook ads or other kinds of advertisements?”

Even if we can teach them the technical part of advertisements, if they’re doing the content wrong, then it won’t be as successful as they expect.

You can do a little experiment.

Go on some Facebook groups or tutoring platforms for education marketing. And they will help you advertise organically, so you don’t have to worry whether you will get students or not. 

But the results vary, right?

Some of you might get more students from those platforms, some of you might get less. 

You can expect that not everyone will get the same number of students. 

Some factors why some can get more students than others is actually dependent on WHAT they offer and HOW they offer it.

The first thing, the business strategy. 

And the second thing, the marketing strategy. 

How is their profile written? 

How do they entice people?

A lot of times it’s not just about the qualifications. 

This is why you can’t just focus on the Facebook ads, but you need to focus on the other content part as well.

You can have the most eye-catching ad, but if you can’t turn them into sales, then it’s useless.

It seems like for the agencies that we know, they usually don’t focus a lot on the content.

You’re left in the dark to do the content of your advertisements on your own.

Yes, you can ask them to do it for you, but how about the parts that are beyond the online advertisement?

For example, your landing page or the website that people see after clicking the ad?

How about your follow-up process?

They don’t really care about that. 

So there’s a high chance that you won’t get many students from there even after investing so much. 

I hope this has helped you in your education marketing and I’ll see you next time. 

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