Working with education agents?

Education providers, are you working with education agents to  get International students

right now? 


We specialize in helping education providers recruit students. 

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So when people recruit International students, they usually use education agents because they feel that it’s a low cost. But are they really here are the problems when working with these education agents.

The first thing they might not get you much results or only a few agents want to sign

agreements with you. 

For the agents, that work with you. We’ve heard of some education providers are only getting 20 agents, and then only three of them actively send them students. 

And if they were to send you students, a lot of them are actually low-quality leads –  as in the students don’t meet the financial requirements and don’t meet the entry requirements, grade requirements, and you might be going to a lot of networking events, to the point of exhaustion, in order to get agents to work with you. 

And if you work so hard to build relationships with some education consultants in these agencies, there’s actually a huge turnover. By the time that you have a solid relationship, they’ve already left for another company. 

Basically, the partnership will not work well anymore.

You’re always at risk of misrepresentation issues. The agents are you work with might damage your reputation by miscommunication and poor services and even fraud, some agents might ask you to travel to their home country but only a few students attend those. 

So when people recruit international students, their default way is actually through education agents, they think that it’s low-cost.

I don’t know if you’re thinking about this too, but are they really low-cost? 

There’s a lot of problems that education agents. So, right now you might not get much results from your agents. 

Perhaps only a few agents want to sign agreements with you. 

And for the agency to work with only a few of them are actually actively sending you students, some agents send you low-quality leads that don’t meet your entry requirements. Grade requirements or financial requirements. 

You might be going to networking events to meet with the agents, but you’re exhausted and you’re not getting many results. 

There is a huge turnover in these education agencies. Let us say you’ve built a relationship with these consultants. 

And by the time you have a solid relationship, they’ve already left for another company and basically, no one in the organization will send you more students.

There are also a lot of underperforming agents. When you work with them there’s a huge risk of misrepresentation and they might damage your reputation by miscommunication and poor services offered to the students. Some of them might even commit fraud.

When some agents ask you to travel to their country, only a few students actually attend those webinars or seminars. 

Even if the agents are credible, you can’t compete with them unless you have huge commissions, but you also have a lot of competitors that have higher commissions than you. Besides, each agent represents multiple competitors. So in most cases, they won’t give you many results because of these problems. 

So is it really a low cost to work with agents actually not there are many problems involved and you need to spend a lot of resources and time if you really want to work with good agents, and you want to get these agents to get you more students, there’s a lot of resources involved. 

Also, you are at the agents’ mercy. Basically, how many International students you get is based on how hard the agents are willing to work for you. So you are at their mercy and when you want to grow your student numbers, you don’t necessarily want that to have that ceiling. 

So even if it is working well for you right now, there is always a ceiling because they’re representing multiple competitors, and it’s very, very hard to compete with them unless you have a huge commission so the agents can focus on you and your programs.

So, the big question is, how can you increase your student enrollments without relying on agents? 

Actually, the solution is to have an agent-direct recruitment hybrid model. 

So what you want to do is have 20% agency recruitments, and 80% of direct recruitment of international students. This is how you can break through that glass ceiling and accelerate your international student recruitment without waiting around for the agents to send you more students, which many of them underperform and you have many competitors as well. 

So, for agents, you’re paying hefty commission fees, and you might not get the results you want and you’re spending a lot of costs and resources working with them. 

So you definitely want to start with that. 

But you want to use agents as a jumping board so that you can build a direct recruitment system and save on those commission fees. 

Some problems when working with agents, a lot of agents are underperforming. So you need to know how to find the right ones and get them to send more International students to you. 

When you’re doing direct recruitment, some problems you might face is that you don’t have the market knowledge in these countries. You don’t know the culture and you’re not sure which countries to focus on first. 

Maybe you have considered hiring country representatives. Actually, you don’t really need to.  There’s a way to do that in your home country. 

When you’re thinking about promoting international programs, it might turn out that the programs suitable for domestic students might not be suitable for international students, because different countries are actually looking for different kinds of things. 

So these are the pitfalls that you need to be careful of. 

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