I was talking to a lady the other day, and she has two kids. One of them was actually 12 years old. When I told her that I am actually working from home and that I too have a child who is 7 months old… She was actually quite shocked because she realized that after she became a mom, she had no time to do other things. She wanted to focus more on her kids, but at the same time, she needs to do the cooking, including the cleaning and helping her kids with the homework. Then, she told me that really doesn’t have enough timeRead More →

What do you do when you get stuck? In the past few days, I’ve had writer’s block… It seems like there were no ideas coming through… I didn’t know what to share with you about getting international students… It’s been really hard that I can barely sleep. What pains me the most is not being able to work at my usual performance. So I told myself, ‘You know what… I’ve been stuck here for a few days and can’t work. That’s the fact. I need to cheer up, and get myself the motivation to work again.’ So, I decided to take a walk at aRead More →

“I saw the doctor because I don’t have enough international students.” My friend started a school last year. It’s her lifelong dream, as she loves helping young people She worked really hard to get international students and agents… She even went online to get a list of education agents like other people do. After working 80 hour weeks, she’s only got a few students. She was losing money every month. So she took out 3 bank loans to cover the operation costs. Because of this, she worked even harder. One day, she realised she was starting to hallucinate… She went to the doctor. He saidRead More →

When recruiting international students, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Your brain is probably constantly swamped with lots of tasks… Or you may have a never-ending to-do list. You always feel that you have so much to do. I used to do that too… I felt the pressure to do everything. However, I was fortunate enough to attend the marketing workshops by 500 Startups. What I learnt was this… I needed to rank all my tasks… The order of priority are: important, urgent (highest priority) important, not urgent not important, urgent not important, not urgent (lowest priority) I should focus on 1 and 2 only. ForRead More →

I went from D to A in 3 months… I was always told that working hard can give good examination results. So I started studying my Master of Education with the same mentality… I worked hard, but I still got a D in all my papers… I was really, really sad… I aimed to get 1st Honours (80%+) in my degree… And D is far from that! So I had to think creatively… How can I get good grades? I realised that, why not ask people who have achieved what I want? So I asked different people who got 1st Honours… And I started seeingRead More →

Can I reveal something personal? I work because I want to see the sun whenever I can. When I didn’t know the efficient way to get international students, I was working really hard from day to night in the office, and yet, get no results. After knowing the right way, I can see sunlight and even go to the park whenever I can. Something that pushes me even beyond that is thinking of how my work helps you get more international students and helps you help more young people. I have to say, it’s pretty powerful. When people ask WHY I pursued a career inRead More →

Spoke to a friend today. She owns a language school. She has 2 employees… but she still feels so overwhelmed with the admin tasks. I asked her, ‘Why don’t you ask your staff to help you with the admin tasks?’ She said, ‘The admin tasks are really easy to do. It’s better for me to do myself. It takes more time for me to train them… And even when I train them, I need to spend time checking their work… And sometimes their work is wrong, and they’ll have to waste time doing it again… It makes me nervous.’ When I’m doing my work, sometimesRead More →

Are you using a notebook or Excel spreadsheet for following up with international students or agents? I used to do that too… It was really overwhelming because I had to go back and forth to my calendar to set up an alarm for follow up… Especially when I had to follow up with more than 500 agents! So, I started using a free tool called Hubspot CRM. And I never missed a follow-up, and never forgot my past conversations with the agents. You can learn more in the video below. Signup for Hubspot CRM here: Hubspot CRM For more productivity hacks for international students andRead More →