ICEF: 7 Secrets to help you get 25 Quality Agents from the event – Free Report

These are the TOP 7 things that schools don’t know, that can help you get many quality agents from ICEF. 

I personally use these unusual strategies to get 25 quality agents in 2 months.

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Testimonials my information for schools and universities attending ICEF:

About me:

I coach schools and universities to get more Quality Agents for more International Students.

Through my unique understanding in agent and international students’ behaviour, I have helped my clients to massively increase their agency network and their international student numbers. 

My Story:

I started out just like you. I used to do what others do in recruiting agents. And there were no results.

Then, I started learning from the best, read books, attend seminars… It was hard because no information out there focuses on getting many agents.

But, I finally created a system to eventually Double our No. of International Students in 12 months using education agents. (even if we had a small marketing team and don’t have the talent!)

In this training, I’m going to reveal the system I used to achieve these results.

Here are some of my successes: 

  •  Case #1: Signed agreements with 60 new quality education agents in 6 months. (including ICEF agents)
  •  Case #2: Recruited 101% more international students using the right quality agents in 12 months (including ICEF agents)
  • Case #3: Reduced Sales Cycle by 75% (identifying and finding quality agents-> signing partnership agreements-> getting partner agents to send quality international students-> students start studying the program) (including ICEF agents)