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Learn how I Doubled My International Students in 12 months using Quality Education Agents with my Timeless Formula 

(even if we had a small marketing team, and don’t have many agents at the start!)

Learn how I Doubled My International Students in 12 months using Quality Education Agents with my Timeless Formula 

(even if we had a small marketing team, and don’t have many agents at the start!)

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  • I started out just like you. I used to do what others do in recruiting agents. And there were no results.
  • Then, I started learning from the best, read books, attend seminars… It was hard because no information out there focuses on getting many agents.
  • But, I finally created a system to eventually Double our No. of International Students in 12 months using education agents. (even if we had a small marketing team and don’t have the talent!)
  • In this training, I’m going to reveal the system I used to achieve these results.

Helps you achieve goals given in…

In this Free Masterclass, you will learn:

  • How I helped schools to double the International Students in 12 months using Quality Education Agents using my proven System
    • The 3 Ingredients you need to succeed in getting Agents
  • Why getting more Quality Education Agents is the Best Way to Get More International Students
  • How Anyone Can be a Top Agent Recruiter… Even If You Have No Experience or Zero Talent
  • How to Get more Agents to Promote your Programs Even If You Don’t Have Enough Reputation
  • How to Get more Agents to Promote your Programs Even If You Have No/Small Agent Contact List
  • How to Get more Agents Even If You Have a Lot of Competition

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“Is this class for me?”

  • Are you an owner of a school/program/education business trying to recruit international students?
  • Are you using any education agents to recruit international students for you, but a lot of them say they give you no reply, are not interested, or say they need to think about it? OR Are you planning to get agents?
  • Are your education agent partners only sending you little/no international students​?
  • Are you tired of spending a lot of time and not getting many agents?
  • Do you wish provide a more financially-stable and comfortable living for your family, while pursuing your passion in Education?
  • Do you want to beat your competitors, even if your organisation has no reputation?
  • Does your program have a lot of competition​?
  • Do you want to impact young people’s lives through your programs and business?
  • Do you wish to build a Legacy in the Education field?
  • Do you want to learn how I doubled our education agents using my Double Funnel System?If you answer yes to the above questions, then this Masterclass is for you. 

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Masterclass Speaker

About Vivien Tse

I provide Sales Training for international student recruitment teams to find and nurture quality agents for more quality international students.

Through my unique understanding in agent and international students’ behaviour,  I have helped my clients to massively increase their agency network and their international student numbers. 

Here are some of my major successes: Case #1 – Signed agreements with 53 new quality education agents in 6 months.Case #2 – Recruited 101% more international students using the right agentsCase #3 – Reduced Sales Cycle by 75% (identifying and finding quality agents-> signing partnership agreements-> getting partner agents to send quality international students-> students start studying the program)

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Case Study

“OK… This sounds all good. But how on earth do I know if Vivien can really help me?!”

Here’s a snapshot of my email inbox when I woke up one day. My inbox was filled (again) with email from QUALITY agents chasing me down for information and signing the agreements, they can’t wait to send us QUALITY international students. 

Actually, every day, I woke up to my email inbox FULL like this. (Note: I had to blank out the names of agents as it is confidential… Wished I can show you…)

While all my other colleagues are chasing the agents down, I get chased down even if we paid less commissions than most schools out there.

Isn’t this a nice problem to have? =)

Do you want this ‘problem’ to happen to you too?

So what’s in it for me?

Watch out! Some serious straight talk below…

For the first time ever, I am teaching the secrets of how I recruit 101% more students than an average international student recruiter in HALF the time.So why is this class free? (I can almost hear you saying “What do you want from me?!” :O I get it, I’ve attended tonnes of useless free webinars which are a waste of my time….)Let me be honest with you. This class will give you some strategies to recruit many quality agents, and explain to you what I do in my Premium Sales Training course or international student recruitment teams in finding and nurturing quality agents.

In fact, you can immediately implement some of the tips I give you and see the improvements.

At the end of the class, if you do need more help, you will get a chance to schedule a Free Strategy Call with me, which we will discuss further about how my team and I can help you train your international students recruitment team on getting quality agents.

“What if your class is a waste of time?” Well, just leave the class any time your want, and never look back. We’ll walk our separate ways. (that’s what I do to useless classes too… just leave and forget about it). 

But just to let you know, my previous boss knew my system works so well that he made sure I taught them the whole system before I left the company…

ANYWAYS, it’s up to you whether you want to join the class. If you don’t want to join, it probably means you’re not serious about your international student recruitment anyways – I don’t care for these people. They think that they can just follow their old ways, and what other people are doing…. They are Sheeps that follow the crowd blindly. Their school/university/business is going to die soon anyways because of their attitude towards growing… (see… I warned you this is straight talk) We don’t need these people in the Education field, they don’t care about their work. They don’t care about young people.

Who I really want to help are the ones who are serious about getting more quality international students through the right agents. Someone who wants to grow professionally, wants to help educate more young people, want to get more money. I am looking for people who aspire to be a great leader here. Someone who aspires to be a Lion

I’ve always believed that to stand out in life, you need to be a leader and have an open-mind to what works but not conventional wisdom yet…

So are you a LION or a blind SHEEP?

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I’m a blind sheep

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Still not sure about joining?  Here’s what you can do: Go search for my name, Vivien Tse. Check the articles and posts I write and get a taste for yourself.