Cold Email Outreach Services to Help You Save Time and Money in Prospecting Ideal Clients

We’ve all been there.

In the rut.

Your business is doing ok but not great. You know you have a good product/service, but your client base is growing slower than a snail across wet cement.

You know that you need to get more clients, but you don’t have time to do prospecting and finding ideal clients. You may even have hired a lead generation company before and had a bad experience.

Your sales pipeline is simply too slow for business. You don’t have enough clients to hire new staff to help grow your business. So you have to keep doing the things yourself.

And again, you find yourself having no time to get new clients.

And if you did find a lead generation company, you only find them unresponsive, and the leads they deliver were low quality, wasting your time in speaking to unqualified prospects, reducing your time to speak to more target clients.

Either way, you’re stuck and may even close down, wasting all the money that you’ve initially invested in the business.

    The Solution

    The solution to get new clients is to have an automated marketing process, help you with researching for contacts and follow-up to convert them to clients.

    Our B2B lead generation services helps you to research the verified email contacts of decision makers of your ideal clients.

    We will also manually search about what’s special about the companies, so that you can use the information to personalise your email outreach to them.

    A research shows that by personalising the emails, there’s an average increase of 20% in sales.

    People spend hours online to find information about the companies, but we will do it for you, e.g. awards they won, whether they went on television, information about the contact person…

    If you need help with contacting and following up with the prospects, our dedicated copywriting team will help you create and send a multi-part email sequence to give you the best chance to get positive responses.


    Our Process

    • Step 1

      You can directly pay online for the plan you want. Or you can contact us/book a call, and we’ll answer any questions you have.

    • Step 2

      After payment, we’ll discuss with you about what kind of clients you want to focus on.

    • Step 3

      Using the information you provide, we will start researching for personalised contact info of the decision makers of your ideal clients.

    • Step 4

      We’ll deliver the contacts to you.

    • Step 5

      We’ll start building your cold email outreach campaign, and initiate their interest in your product/service.

    • Step 6

      We will send you the warm leads who have shown a positive response, or have booked an appointment with you.


    Package A

    $150 per month

    • 200 custom contacts of your ideal prospects (delivered in batches of 50 every week) $0.75/contact
    • Email Validation
    • Includes manually researched information about the company, so you can mention in your outreach for more personalisation
    • Add on (optional):
      • Contact no. (+$0.1/contact)
      • Email Campaigns (If you sign up for 3 months or more) (+$1/contact)
        • Email Validation
        • 4 part Email Sequence
        • Personalized Email Copy
        • Custom Email Domain

    Package B

    $280 per month

    • 400 custom contacts of your ideal prospects (delivered in batches of 100 every week) $0.7/contact
    • Includes manually researched information about the company, so you can mention in your outreach for more personalisation
    • Add on (optional):
      • Contact no. (+$0.1/contact)
      • Email Campaigns (If you sign up for 3 months or more) (+$1/contact)
        • Email Validation
        • 5 part Email Sequence
        • Personalized Email Copy
        • Custom Email Domain

    Package C

    $410 per month

    • 600 custom contacts of your ideal prospects (delivered in batches of 100 every week) $0.68/contact
    • Includes manually researched information about the company, so you can mention in your outreach for more personalisation
    • Add on (optional):
      • Contact no. (+$0.1/contact)
      • Email Campaigns (If you sign up for 3 months or more) (+$1/contact)
        • Email Validation
        • 6 part Email Sequence
        • Personalized Email Copy
        • Custom Email Domain

    If you sign up for 3 months or more, you will receive 10% off on any of the above packages.

    About Us


    Vivien coaches schools and universities to get more Quality Agents for more International Students.

    Through her unique understanding in agent and international students' behaviour, she has helped her clients to massively increase their agency network and their international student numbers.

    Message from Vivien:

    "I started out just like you. I used to do what others do in recruiting agents. And there were no results.

    Then, I started learning from the best, read books, attend seminars... It was hard because no information out there focuses on getting many agents.
    But, I finally created a system to eventually Double our No. of International Students in 12 months using education agents. (even if we had a small marketing team and don't have the talent!)
    In this training, I'm going to reveal the system I used to achieve these results.

    Case Studies

    Case Study 1: ELO English Study Tours

    ELO is a boutique Education company which offers English Study Tours for schools in Hong Kong and Asia. It has been operating for the past eight years. Although ELO worked with less than ten schools only, it was able to build a strong loyalty among the schools which have worked with them for many years.

    ELO’s commitment to helping more students benefit from the study tours is what made the company turn to us, YGS. Though engaging the current school clients is one of its main marketing goals, it also wanted to acquire new client schools so they can offer the program to more students.


    “ELO has always relied on our personal network and referrals, and this has given us some positive results and feedback. We had a positive return on every school that worked with us,” said Robert, CEO of ELO. “However, we realized it’s time to think about how we could scale and increase our profits by helping more students and schools.”

    To scale up the client base, it was also essential that we get in touch with the senior management of the school such as the school principal, so they can invite us to tender.

    “We needed to be in direct contact with the senior management as they are the true decision-makers. We also need to differentiate ourselves in early stages so that they feel that our program is superior and so that they will like our working style.” Robert said.


    Since April 2017, we have helped ELO to gain 30% more client schools and 40% more students attended the study tour. We have:

    • Researched over 800 school contacts via LinkedIn and Google
    • Set up email marketing strategies to target decision makers
    • Researched and wrote appealing email subject lines, enticing the client schools to click open the emails. This achieved 55% open rates, which is higher than the industry average
    • Researched and wrote teaching-related email content, so it shows that ELO is superior to other programs and is an expert in the field
    • Created a comprehensive 40-page report of our programs which attracts the school leaders
    • Competitor research and positioning
    • Investigation of their messaging on all offline and online marketing materials
    • Past and present customer research
    • Deep dive into ELO and their programs
    • Identified the customers most likely to buy and created a targeted marketing strategy
    • Identified and created FAQ page to reduce ELO’s time in answering the same questions


    ELO has gained multiple school clients, and invitations to tender by multiple schools, including a top Band 1A schools. All of this plus they established contact with over 800 schools in Hong Kong within one year.

    Case Study 2: EN Universities in Finland

    EN has been around for a year, and with our help, they recruited 100% more agents monthly.

    Needs of EN

    • Knowing what are the top 5 markets that they should capture first
    • Reaching out to student recruitment partners to represent their universities
    • Negotiating with potential partners, so EN makes as many profits as possible


    “EN is a new company with limited staff and money,” said Harry, founder of EN. “We need more partners to recruit students for us, but Finland is currently not a popular study abroad destination, and not many know about Finnish universities and us.”

    To have more partners recruiting students for us, it is important to let agents know our professionalism, experts in student recruitment, and get to the decision maker of every potential partner agents so they would work with us. “Not only do we need to sign partnership agreements with the student recruitment agencies, but we also have to maintain constant communication to build a relationship with these agents so they would promote our universities instead of others,” said Harry.


    Researched for 5000 potential clients, gaining email contact with the decision makers

    • Writing sure-win emails to educate, entertain and delight the potential clients, so we score a meeting with them
    • Book meetings with decision makers
    • Negotiation with companies to get the best deals with EN
    • Convince and build a relationship with agents so they send more students to us versus our other competitors who provide more incentives
    • Held deep-dive interview with existing partners and understand their questions and concerns
    • Communicated the interview findings with the product development team, so that they can refine the programs and offerings
    • Revamped the unique selling points of the company, so that the offerings become more attractive to students and partner agents
    • Create additional materials and FAQ pages to shorten the sales process and effort


    We were able to identify the top potential countries and focused on those potential partners where 30% of them were converted to leads, and 95% of the leads turned to partners. On average, each of their current business developers only gets five to six sub-agents onboard to promote their universities.

    For our company, we helped them get an average of 12 sub-agents for every single month. They have two full-time business developers in the team; their subagents (around 20) recruit 50% of the students while we helped them recruit the other 50%. This means that not only did we recruit more subagents; we also nurture our subagents for them to recruit more students on their end. Our costs are better than hiring 2 business developers, as we also help to create materials and refine your sales process.